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With Law 4251/2014, the Greek government welcomes the foreign investments in Greece in a double way.

From one hand through real estate investments in Greece, by offering long-term residence permits to non-EU foreign citizens-and their families- that acquire or long-term lease property. In this case the minimum cost of the property has been set to 250.000 Euros (the minimum investment budget in Europe). The residence permit offers unlimited stay in Greece for five (5) years and it is unlimited renewable repeatedly, for as long as, the property remains in the possession of the owner. This permit also offers unlimited travel to all European countries without further conditions.

On the other hand, in the case of investments classified, either as Strategic Investments (under a decision of the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments) or simple investments with a minimum value of 250,000€, residence permits can be issued to the investor  and to up to 10 additional persons (dependently on the size of the investment) related to the implementation of the investment plan. The residence permit for simple investment is granted for five (5 years), the one for strategic investments is granted for ten (10) years.

The residence permit is, also in the case of investments, renewable, for as long as the investment or part of it remains in the possession of the GOLDEN VISA GREECE holder.

News !

New unique benefits of GOLDEN VISA GREECE.

Recently, significant amendments to the Citizenship Code were voted by the Greek Parliament and new remarkable changes were introduced, which improve further the framework provisions for third-country nationals, who intend to invest in Greece and obtain Residence Permit.

  • Not only children but also parents of investors are eligible for Residence Permit.
  • Time of Residence Permit for Real Estate Owners can be taken into consideration for years required to obtain Greek citizenship.

Seize now the unique opportunity to invest in Greek Real Estate and become Citizens of Europe, with the privilege of Greek Residence Permit through acquisition of Golden Visa Greece by Energopiisi S.A.

The Golden Visa Greece Program offers to any third country citizen, the possibility to open the gates to Europe with minimum investment capital all over the world (only from 250.000€)

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