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Even though aquaculture is a fairly specific sub-segment of food production, it is a fast developing sector of the Greek economy, and Greece can control its competitive benefits.

Main agricultural production has been a big export sector for Greece in the past, with Greek fruit and vegetables being consumed in many international marketplaces. Even though the small lot size, the Greek agriculture sector has kept a positive trade gap in a varety of agricultural tradiotinal products.

The current crisis has had a positive influence on agricultural production, as it has created new openings for efficient and competitive productivity.
The role of private investors in this development is important, since they deliver capital, know-how and market entree to Greek manufacturers in order to make the most of their value added competitiveness in the European markets.
The major area of value is organic food manufacture, which is highly required and advices a significant quality in big markets.
Greek premium foods contain a range of products, going from high-value products (Chios Masticha, Kalamata olives, Kozani Saffron, Aegina pistachios) to extensively available categories such as yoghurt, olive oil, honey products with PDO identity as well as olive oil products, feta cheese.
Investment opportunities;

  • Partnership and promotion of their supply chain to ensure its efficiency
  • Growth of new end products around these high-value collects,
  • Marketing and sales experiences in order to enter developed markets

Key Facts

Number of PDO recognized Greek products (overall) 101
Number of olive oil products with PDO status 18
Number of olive products with PDO status 12
Number of cheese products with PDO status 20
Number of fruit and vegetable products with PDO status 29


Fish farming is a leader in Greece’s Food production.  Investing in aquaculture facilities and market access can yield noteworthy incomes for this sector based on its growth potential and present market positioning.

Key Facts

Greek sea bream / sea bass production in 2013 (Tonnes) 123.000
Greek production value for sea bream / sea bass fish (€) 400 million
Greek fish fry production (Number) 458,000,000
% of Greek production exported to other countries 85%
Annual growth rate of aquaculture production 3%
Greek sea bream and sea bass production as % of global production 48.6%
Floating fish farming / production units currently operating in Greece 330