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Greece offers smart conditions for your new investment here.

Living in one of the most beautiful country you could possibly find, where you see a big diversity of landscapes environments, white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, one of nice climate in Europe and a millennial heritage.

Greece has become part of the European Union 1981. Like other countries in the south of Europe, Greece suffered from the economic crisis with impact on unemployment rate and drastically reduced house prices (down 30 to 50%). A perfect spot to invest and gain momentum when the economy starts up again (with 1st sign already visible).


With Law 4251/2014, the Greek government welcomes the foreign investments in Greece in a double way.

From one hand through real estate investments in Greece, by offering long-term residence permits to non-EU foreign citizens-and their families- that acquire or long-term lease property. In this case the minimum cost of the property has been set to 250.000 Euros (the minimum investment budget in Europe). The residence permit offers unlimited stay in Greece for five (5) years and it is unlimited renewable repeatedly, for as long as, the property remains in the possession of the owner. This permit also offers unlimited travel to all European countries without further conditions. READ MORE