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About Us

We are a consulting firm located in Athens and Istanbul offices, aiming to bring the best invesment deals to our customers, for both income and to housing, and to facilitate and adapt them to have a new beginning for their future.

In this way, through our professional advice, our customers have a high range of alternatives for investments in the financial / or in real estate.

We are also able to advice in the civil area, tax, administrative and governmental issues, through our partners law firms, which specialized in Law of Immigration.

As the golden visa and investment experts, We understand the necessities of our clients , approach to our each case strategically, look to achieve the best outcome for our clients investing in new life in another country.

We listen and understand  your needs carefully, and act according to your lifestyle, your  family needs,  your longer-term goals,  and investment criteria. .

We will advise you on the most appropriate investment  property  depending on your specific preferences. We guide you for the process of residency documents together with our associate lawyers

We work with the most experienced law firms in residency in Greece to confirm a smooth legal process for our clients.

Fazla kilolardan mı şikayetçisiniz? O halde neden mide küçültme ameliyatı nı denemiyorsunuz. mide küçültme ameliyatı, zayıflamak isteyenler için kesin bir çözüm sunuyor. Üstelik çok kısa bir süre içersinde hayal ettiğiniz kilolara kavuşabilirsiniz.